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TMARA-ALKEBULAN’s pidgin language (glossary)

  Glossary List for a Deeper Understanding.   TMARA: Target Market Adoption Risk Assessment Alkebulan: An ancient name for the continent of Africa, symbolising its historical significance and heritage. Market Category Creator (MCC): A factory like process of taking several start-up concurrently through 4 main steps to create a movement in the market. Reaching Product-Category […]


Unlocking the true value in Africa

Being 100% authentically African holds the secret kept from Africa for centuries. This understanding holds the key and within this lies the solution to a full life for all in Africa. The more we come to understand this, the more a life filled with purpose comes alive. It was always thought that Africa is a […]


Elon Musk explains why his daughter can’t marry a poor man. A few years ago there was a conference in the United States on investment and finance. One of the speakers was Elon Musk and during the question-and-answer session, he was asked a question that had everyone laughing. If he, the richest man in the […]

Start(up) thinking…

To create anything meaningful, particularly innovating for the market – the approach to one’s thinking is paramount. Warning to innovators: EXPLAINING one’s innovation by analogy is helpful, but THINKING by analogy is limiting…. Here is more context: Thinking by ‘analogy’ and thinking by ‘first principles’ are two distinct cognitive approaches used for problem-solving and decision-making. Let’s […]

Unicorns are never ‘nice-to-haves’

“What is a unicorn, daddy-preneur?” “It’s considered a start-up that quickly became a market MUST-HAVE and capitalized upon it ( the “it” being their perfect product-market fit), to become highly prized as a start-up, in a short space of time.” “Where do MUST-HAVEs like these come from, dad? “ “They do pop up unpredictably in […]

Co-create and invest in AFRICA’s (non-obvious) new market category kings – that can gravitate up to 75% of the market cap in their new-found CREATIVE spaces

Welcome to IFFAC – Impact Fund for African Creatives There are disappointed investors who passed multiple times on opportunities to invest in nascent-stage ventures like Uber, Airbnb and Google. How can the world’s best early-stage investors not be able to see the future potential of some of the greatest start-up success stories, those that became […]