Finally, a reliable LEADING indicator of start-up success!

Dear Early-Stage Investors,


See your startup investment’s future market adoption success proven through a scientific product-category test (PCF) process:


In other words, a reliable LEADING indicator of start-up success!


Some background first….


The concept of lagging and leading indicators can assist in understanding TMARA’s playing field (assessing market risk, and accelerating market adoption success towards product-category fit -PCF).


Lagging indicators are typically “output” or momentum-oriented, easy to measure but hard to improve or influence. 


Leading indicators, on the other hand, are typically “input” or intrinsic-value-oriented, hard to measure and easy to influence.


Most players in the start-up field unfortunately focus only on Lagging (Momentum)Indicators:



Measures the individual performance of a company, relative to itself and peers, using signals such as product news, hiring activity, partner/customer signings, online sentiment, social media chatter, and mobile & web traffic / downloads, amongst other factors.


Quantifies the health of the industry in which a company participates based on funding, deals, hiring activities, industry sentiment, investor/acquirer quality, and exit activity.


Assesses the financial viability of a company, based on projected burn rate, financial history, and investor quality.

TMARA on the other hand, through its scientific product-category fit (PCF) test process, focuses on the Leading (Intrinsic Value) Indicators:


Potential Intrinsic Value:

Assessing to what degree the innovation can indeed overcome a significant limitation for the target market, and reach product-category fit (PCF).

Realizable Value:

If it does overcome a significant limitation, can the market easily change its ways, to extract the full value and become a market MUST-HAVE.


TMARA has found a scientific testing way to assess the leading indicators of innovation market success, and then accelerate market adoption by hitting the market’s sweet spot reliably.

The outcome, is to convert a new innovation’s intrinsic value into a validated ‘MUST-HAVE’ for the market, thereby significantly stacking the odds in favour of the innovators – be they start-up or corporate.


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Let’s assess and accelerate your innovation/investment’s product-category fit (PCF) success, through TMARA’s scientific test process.


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