Screening and testing start-ups for PCF (Product-Category Fit) before investing now a reality

  1. TMARA’s MCC (Market Category Creator) prime focus is on co-creating new ‘blue oceans’ (new market categories or sub-categories)
  1. The reason we focus on them is the superior economics associated with a category KING.
  1. The type of PROBLEM, that by DEFAULT opens a blue ocean, is a root-cause type of problem called a LIMITATION.
  1. A ‘limitation’ and the way to cope with the limitation, are two sides of the same coin. Both must exist in reality.
  1. Our prime objective is to achieve PCF (Product-Category Fit) – the moment the start-up no longer has a market constraint, but an internal constraint to satisfy the demand – ready to start the growth phase before going on to scale the business.
  1. We have two main phases:

Screening: Is success a potential outcome? We want a green light.

1. Can the start-up’s invention remove a limitation for a big enough market?

2. Can the target market easily adopt the new way / rule?

Testing :

1. We have 8 Gates to assist the start-up to improve its chances of reaching PCF (Product-Category Fit)

2. Each Gate assists the start-up to complete a specific part of the fit in sequence to achieve Product Category Fit finally.

Seems like magic but in reality just common sense.