Unlocking the true value in Africa

Being 100% authentically African holds the secret kept from Africa for centuries. This understanding holds the key and within this lies the solution to a full life for all in Africa. The more we come to understand this, the more a life filled with purpose comes alive.

It was always thought that Africa is a continent of need, however it is us that needs Africa more; as in this understanding lies the purpose for Africa and only then does grace become a reality causing Africa to come alive and serve and ignite the world in ways never seen before

Unlocking the true value in Africa requires us to create rather than build, as building requires something to already be in place, however creating requires nothing. However saying this, we soon come to realize that creating is so easy yet so difficult as it is a function of being rather than ability. We strive in our daily African lives to achieve and our ability has a great role to play here. Yet resting in our being requires no performance, just being 100% authentically African.

It is this understanding that Africa is missing; yet already have to change the continent from within. All is where we decide to go, go left and all goes left however it might not be right in the left, but the power of creating is in that which we decide. Once this reality comes alive, then us as Africans will come to know that either way is right, the experience however is just less or more. This reality lays the foundation for Africa to come to the understanding that we can create.

We as Africans need to use the world to merely save time in accessing existing examples of capital use and not to use the world to teach us how to create as this lies within us already.

Making the change over in understanding is the challenge. Once we adopt an understanding of finding a way where there seems to be no way as the new way in Africa, then from within this new understanding power and provision is birthed in abundance and the face of Africa will never be the same again.

For centuries we have been told that we are not worthy and that we do not have what it takes to experience a full life. And for most of Africa this lie has become the reality. The time has come for Africa to break the shackles of our own understanding and lead a new era of coming together in new relationships as the new way for Africa and serving our way into abundance and provision is a new way very few has ever experienced.

Message to the rest of the world:

We as Africans invite you to go big as Africa is not small, this is Africa and not you, the big is not big in your understanding, but big in Africa’s splendor. The result of Africa’s bigness is then only manifested in awesomeness in people; they can’t touch but will only experience Africa. Then only is big great.

Derrick de Necker

Written in 2017 and updated in 2023