When people are told to not think of an elephant, they can’t get the image out of their minds.

When President Nixon said he was “not a crook” what emerged was a reaffirmation that he was a crook.

So, it is necessary to be disciplined to consistently use the language of YOUR frame and never accept the alternative (THEIR frame).

Know that facts don’t really matter.

“It is a myth that people are rational and that some well-presented facts will change their frame-anchored view.”


“Successfully creating a new category or subcategory involves — in addition to finding a concept and introducing it into the marketplace — the active management of customers’:

  • perceptions,
  • attitudes and
  • behaviours toward it.”


Remember.. first, we are building a market, then a business.



  1. Win the (sub)category battle  Provide unique customer MUST-HAVE(s)

      2. Win the brand relevance battle  Only we can deliver the MUST-HAVE(s)

      3. Win the competitor battle  No significant competitor, by default.