A tribute

A tribute to the late Maish Brenner – a legend in life and beyond.

Today a person from any country-town or rural village can apply a reliable process to create market value, and by default, turn themselves into a world class entrepreneur for the mutual benefit of their eco-system and economy.

A scientific process ‘democratises’ (in other words, brings repeatable outcomes) – and is available to anyone earnestly seeking to equip themselves accordingly.

No longer are the fundamentals (the keys) to entrepreneurial success exclusively available to the rarified ‘experts’ in Silicon Valley or Tel Aviv – a man from Louis Trichardt (like Maish) or Timbuktu (like you) can adopt the process and create new market must-haves reliably and consistently.

We love and thank you Maish for appreciating, supporting and taking pride in our work, which will benefit aspiring entrepreneurs for generations.