Invitation to apply to MCC (Market Category Creator) Israel

When it comes to Start-ups – New Market Categories Matter.

TMARA brings a completely new approach to finding, creating and funding new market category kings – housed in the Market Category Creator (MCC)

Our MCCs follow a structured market-centric approach.

We are the first to have successfully harnessed the power of ‘first principal’ thinking for start-up innovation (focused exclusively on new market categories) with meticulous execution.

The outcome, is an inclusive package (funds & experts) for start-ups that have the potential to emerge as new market category kings.

  • A quick and effective identification of those start-ups with a new market category king profile (potential)
  • A clear path to product-category fit (PCF) which is our success criteria
  • Experience with more than 400 global start-up companies

TMARA: A new market category is uniquely expressed by a common behaviour

While many start-ups (and investors) look for known problems in a given market, we look for common behaviours (‘coping mechanisms’). The outcome is a new market category route-map. The uniqueness of a new market category immediately stands out, and it allows us an early indication of a potential new market category king. In addition, it strengthens the start-up’s product-category fit execution, which is mandatory in order to successfully embark on a trajectory to become new market category king.   

Integrating innovation with common sense: A new win-win business model:

We are the first to have successfully harnessed the power of the first thinking principals for innovation (market adoption) with meticulous execution, and apply it to new market category king creation. The structured approach allows the start-up, a risk-adjusted trajectory towards becoming a new market category king.

Our inclusive package to MCC start-ups includes:  

  • A structured and transparent process of validation: Viable market, viable product, viable offer, viable traction
  • Funding – an average of $250,000 per start-up

It allows us to quickly identify the potential winners, and boost their journey towards actually becoming new market category kings.

MCC Israel go-to-market strategy: Launch in Q3/2022  

Our inaugural MCC was launched in South Africa in Q3/2019 and our 2nd MCC in Israel is set to launch in Q3/2022 with up to 6 MCG start-ups joining the initial cohort.

About MCG Israel

MCC Israel (owned by TMARA INTERNATIONAL (UK) leverages the proprietary knowhow, products and services of TMARA INTERNATIONAL in Israel.

TMARA INTERNATIONAL’s vision is for a considerable impact in every major ‘start-up’ city in the world. MCC Israel is led by a hands-on professional management team with experience in creating new market category kings, with strong working relationships in EMEA, USA and Asia.

TMARA INTERNATIONAL continues to develop and commercialise products that support start-ups in their journey to become new market category kings.

Contact details

Ron Striechman, CEO

(M) +972 50-526-9871


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