Heavenly Angel Investors now test for product-market fit BEFORE investing.

Hey Pete,

Angel investors like you, need to make a decision very early in the game, without knowing IF and WHEN, the start-up will take-off – a.k.a reach Product-Market Fit.

In spite of this uncertainty, you make these bets because getting in early and being right means big-time rewards.

However, you currently cope with the uncertainty, by investing in a portfolio of great jockeys, in the hope of at least 1 home-run for every 20 bets. You’re in good company though, because the Silicon Valley icons also yield to these odds…because they too, just don’t know which one(s) will reach product-market fit.

Now let’s see if there is another way to tip the odds in your favour – maybe 1 in 3, by adopting a testing process that assesses and affects product-market fit.

Crack this, and your new rule becomes:

…”I test all my start-ups for product-market fit 



But how’s this possible? 

Current LEAN best practice takes an MVP and searches iteratively for the market (most fail).

The new science however, does the 


It starts by locating the illusive sweet spot in the market, and then pulls the MVP towards it, through the product-market fit test process. 

The solution is housed in an entity called the Market Category Generator (MCG), which generates demand, by reaching product-market fit in a new market category, hence the name Market Category Generator.  

Upon reaching product-market fit, the start-up attracts Series A investment, and can go on to build a viable business.

So the MCG’s offer to you Pete, is to bring your start-up prospects to a local MCG, in order to test and validate product-market fit before investing

So powerful is the process, that if the start-up passes the Product-Market Fit test series, the MCG will guarantee an agreed min. Series A valuation, and we can even co-invest along-side you.

So please let’s chat before making your next heavenly angel investment


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