DEFINING THE AFRICAN ECOSYSTEM – A required change in understanding



Investors, Corporates, political figures, NGO’s, commercial players, entrepreneurs, governments and all who might have a need for a new African strategy; please continue reading.




For centuries, we as Africa have been told that we are not worthy, and that we do not have what it takes to experience a full life. For most of Africa this lie has become our reality. The time has come for stakeholders wishing to become a participant to the African renaissance, to break the shackles of our own understanding, and lead a new era of coming together as one in new relationships; as the new way for Africa and serving our way into abundance and provision will be a new way very few has ever experienced.


It was always thought that Africa is a continent of need, however it is all of us that need Africa more; as in this understanding lies the purpose for Africa, and only then does grace become a reality, causing Africa to come alive, serve and ignite the world in ways never seen before.


Being 100% authentically African holds the secret kept from Africa for centuries. This understanding holds the key, and within this, lies the solution to a full life for all participating in Africa; personally, and financially. The more we come to understand this, the more a purposed filled life becomes a reality.


Non-consensus has brought the world to a place where we are trying to establish what normal will look like, post Covid. The only way to answer this, is that the way we identify solutions; needs to change. The way we wish to approach, enter and make a change on the African continent, needs a new understanding.


Normal is no more, and normal going forward is yet to be defined. In this global uncertain time of our lives, nearly all Global and African participants find themselves in a desperate state to have some clarity on what the “new normal” will look like. Given this desire, a new era for Africa is opening up right in front of our eyes. A normal that has no option other than being accepted, and a New normal that Africa has the chance of being an author of.


Never has Africa been in this position to change the way the world talks, relates and interacts with Africa. How we go about communicating this new understanding and African strategy for the world to follow, designed and defined by Africa, is now in our hands.




This new normal is defined as an ecosystem which functions as an all-inclusive economic and relationship-based strategy. Where coming together as one is the only way it was ever meant to be. What does the African ecosystem look like? How was it meant to be?


When we remove all traces of slavery, colonialism, racism and capitalism globally, when reference is made to the African continent, then the true African ecosystem rises up and becomes clear for all to see and experience.


Changing to this understanding as a new strategy is the challenge. Once we adopt an understanding where life can only truly come into its fullness within an ecosystem, then we will start to experience a way of life that all Africa participants yearn for.


When we say ecosystem; we by default say relationships / coming together as one. Acting

and functioning as one body of many parts = ONENESS. The collective oneness being more powerful than the effective individual parts.


From within this new Understanding; strategy, power and provision are birthed in abundance and the face of Africa is forever changed.


What are the components that make up this African ecosystem? What part does banking, mining, education, agriculture, regulatory, investments, human recourses, people, health, our precious earth and each one of us play in this African ecosystem?


Knowing that success in Africa is not only measured in capital forms, but more so in how relationships are formed and how each of these relationships, in a defined ecosystem, makes a difference and change to the people and the continent from within.


An Ecosystem is a practical way of life where each component in their own way serves for the greater benefit of the ecosystem, over the beneficial perceived and always short-lived individual benefit.


Africa is building a way of life where it has one body of many parts relevant to business, actually; anything we wish to do or be in life has this ecosystem template. The world where relationship is the foundation to all we do. Relationships that bind us together in ONENESS and relationships that allow us in an ecosystem to talk and engage even when we disagree, have different cultures, different race or even religions.


An ecosystem is a world where “US” is the only focus and where “I” have no place. An ecosystem where we serve each other, and in that, become one body of many parts, a body where we know we need each other, each limb effective in its time.


The world has given us a warped perception of how Africa is supposed to function; we have been sold a lie. Colonialism and Capitalism has taught us globally that such individualism has no place nor any longevity.


If we come to understand, that in the future the whole world will in some way or form, play a part in the African ecosystem, then we will realise and effect our role, use resources and efforts in becoming the best part of the ecosystem of Africa; which in its own time will play a part in the global ecosystem.


Never before has Africa had such a chance to display itself. The future African ecosystem is before us, in the now. Normal is now defined by the strategy we now follow; the way it was always meant to be and in that, life is birthed in a way never seen before. All we need to pay attention to, is the African ecosystem found and birthed in relationships, however upside down it might seem at the time.


TMARA ALKEBULAN’s ( ) Corporate Finance Partner ( )  service our partners in a very non-traditional.


Corporate Finance, Advisory and Investment way. Ecosystem Partners and our partners are all

bound by our love for Africa and its people. We live a strong belief that Africa is launching itself as a solutions-driven continent, which will ignite the rest of the world in the years to come.


We purposefully birth all-inclusive ecosystems that attract participation from all components within each company, investments, government and or project.


The past has taught us that there always needs to be a winner and a loser when we ‘do’ business with Africa. However, Ecosystem Partners believes that within an effective ecosystem, this old draconian lie and way of thinking is outdated, and it’s time for us to set in motion a new way of thinking and engaging.


For us, creating the African ecosystem is a way of life. We invite all global players to come to understand this way of life and become part of the African renaissance which we believe, will lead to a global economic and personal re-alignment value creating strategy.


Message to the rest of the world:


We as Africans, invite you to go big as Africa is not small, this is Africa. The big is not big in your understanding, but big in Africa’s splendour. The result of Africa’s bigness, is only then manifested in awesomeness in people; something one can’t touch, but can only experience.

Then only is big great – coming together as one “ONENESS ECOSYSTEM” perfected.


Written by Derrick de Necker

July 2020, updated in December 2023

Ecosystem Partners in partnership with TMARA ALKEBULAN