TMARA-ALKEBULAN’s pidgin language (glossary)


Glossary List for a Deeper Understanding.


TMARA: Target Market Adoption Risk Assessment

Alkebulan: An ancient name for the continent of Africa, symbolising its historical significance and heritage.

Market Category Creator (MCC): A factory like process of taking several start-up concurrently through 4 main steps to create a movement in the market.

Reaching Product-Category Fit (PCF): You have product market fir if more than 40% of the targeted market will be very disappointed if the product or service no longer exist.

Becoming a market ‘must-have’:  Your product enable the new way of life embraced by the market.

New categories: There is a gap in the market and there is a market in the gap. Enabling a new way of life for a market, is also a way to explain a new market category.

New Market Category King/Leader: A new way of creating and realizing value for a target market; where a new market category king enables their new market ‘must-haves’ (a new way of life) in a way that renders the competition weak –  thereby capturing up to 75% of the market and control up to 80% of total margin.

First Principle: Fundamental concept or governing assumption serving as a basis for reasoning or action.

Root Cause: The single or very few underlying causes for many undesired effects or symptoms.

Optionality: The flexibility to choose among various options or alternatives after the critical information became available.

Valley of Death: A critical stage in a start-up life cycle where the start-up is struggling to gain any traction in the market.

Breaking Market Constraints: Overcome limitations or barriers for markets through technological innovation to enable a new way of life.

Love: A profound feeling of care, compassion, and affection.

Ecosystem: A community serving each other, no top bottom. Each playing a part in its time unconditionally for the greater benefit of the ecosystem and beyond self-interest.

Kairos: A Greek term for the opportune moment or the right time for decisive action.

Five Generations: Refers to the span of five successive groups of individuals in a family or society, representing different age groups and cultural mindsets.

Unconditional serving: Providing assistance or support without expecting anything in return, selflessly helping others.

Peace: a human state of mind that delivers harmony characterized to be irrelevant to the presence of conflict sought at individual level.

Leap Frogging: Advancing or skipping stages or traditional steps in development, often to catch up or surpass others in a competitive environment.

New Rules brings value not new technology: Technology is necessary but not sufficient, the market must adopt the new rules enabled by the technology to realize the full value.

Create vs Build: Distinguishes between producing something from scratch (create) versus assembling or constructing it (build) using existing components or materials.

Fertile ground: Metaphorically signifies a conducive understanding within individuals that delivers an environment or situation for growth, development, or innovation.

Purpose (Why): Refers to the fundamental reason or intention behind an action, decision, or existence.

Awareness (frequency): The level of consciousness or understanding regarding a particular issue or topic, sometimes related to how often it is discussed or highlighted.

Anti-fragile: A concept indicating the ability to gain from shocks, volatility, or stressors to become stronger and stronger.

Actually, serve Africa: The act of genuinely providing aid, support, or beneficial services to the continent of Africa, focusing on real impact within people rather than superficial actions reflecting commercial success.

Success is a potential outcome: Explaining WHY success is at least one of the potential outcomes, knowing failure is.

Understanding is wealth transfer: Implies that knowledge or comprehension shared between individuals can be considered a form of wealth or valuable exchange.

Assess + affect innovation market: Evaluating and influencing the dynamics, trends, and developments within the innovation market.

Promote the new category:  Encouraging the target market to embrace the new way of life.

Authenticity: Being genuine, original, or true to oneself without pretense or artificiality.

Us vs Them: A divisive mindset or approach that separates individuals or groups into opposing factions rather than emphasising unity or collaboration.

Equiping ourselves and our ecosystem: To make ready or equip oneself or others for a particular situation or task.

Focus: The ability to exploit limited time and attention.

True North: A metaphorical direction or principle representing one’s core values or guiding beliefs.

Intrinsic value: Things of intrinsic value has the ability to enable a new way of life for a market for a very long period of time.

Zero to One: Denotes a significant leap or transition from nonexistence or insignificance to existence or significance, often used in entrepreneurial contexts to describe ground-breaking innovation.

(Redefining) Impact: The effect or influence of an action, event, or decision, often concerning its significance or consequence.

Create vs Prediction: The ability to create new realities vs trying to predict new realities.

VGTC: Value Guarantee That Counts.

Better together: Emphasises the importance of collaboration, teamwork, or unity in achieving common goals or objectives.

Democratize: Science democratizes. Science is not owned by any individual or business for exclusive use.

Open Source: The skin in the game for the source of a new body of knowledge.


A start-up’s PMF reality…



You are looking for the sweet spot of the market You are searching for a business model You are on an emotional roller coaster Your prime concern is runway You are trying to attract funding



You are hitting the sweet spot consistently You have a high level of confidence You are ready to scale and capitalise on your PMF Funding is finding you.



You don’t have a viable product or business You have to compensate in everything else It is difficult to scale the business There is no margin The business has no value.



You have a viable business / product You are a MUST HAVE for your market The business starts to thrive You have a margin You can perform badly on everything else and still be a success The business has an actual value


Find your PMF the TMARA-ALKEBULAN scientific way




TMARA-ALKEBULAN has de-risked the ZERO – to – ONE space

3 types of INNOVATION:

Presented by TMARA

1. Market Creating Innovation (Zero-to-One): Creates Growth

2. Sustaining Innovation (One-to-N): Increases Market Share

3. Efficiency Innovation (Faster & Better): Creates Free Cash


“Innovators or companies that target GROWTH (INNOVATION TYPE 1) have the potential to develop businesses that can create tremendous wealth for their shareholders and can also have transformative development impacts” Prof. Clayton Christensen

TMARA-ALKEBULAN has de-risked the ZERO-to-ONE space


What is Product Market Fit (PMF)?


TMARA-ALKEBULAN can answer this question from 4 perspectives:

Target Market perspective = Product-Market Fit is achieved the moment your new product offering becomes a market MUST HAVE.
Start Up perspective = Product-Market Fit is achieved when your Minimum Viable Product(MVP) satisfies the Minimum Viable Value(MVV) of the market.
Funder perspective = Product-Market Fit is a tipping point (without PMF it is hard to succeed, with PMF it is hard to fail)
Scientific perspective = The moment the activity of attracting and retaining customers is no longer the weakest link or prime constraint.