Our guaranteed Solutions

We offer a number of solutions tailored to your product or service.

Screen and plot your innovation on our canvas and provide you with a report which outlines the market adoption risk. We define the intrinsic value for the market and identify strategic requirements for success.


To present the  risk position of your offering or innovation on the market adoption risk canvas.

To map the direction to improve the market adoption in terms of significance of the market’s requirements and improve the ease with which the market can realize the full benefits of your innovation/offering.

We cover

  • What is the main power of your innovation?
  • What is the limitation in the market that the innovation diminishes?
  • How do businesses accommodate for this type of limitation?
  • What is the penalty businesses pay for accommodating it this way?
  • What are the new rules the market will have to adopt, to ensure they max the benefits from the innovation/offering
  • The main objective is to find a real business problem/opportunity – if satisfied or solved, it will benefit the client’s received value in future

Following the screening on our market adoption risk canvas, we identify pivot points and strategic changes required for success.


Reducing the trial and error efforts by identifying the potential for a pivot

Find the short comings of the current offering

Reduce the features and benefits approach to strategic offering

Increase the value/motivation for the market to adopt it faster

Re-focus from needs/problems, to limitations your solution overcomes

We cover:

  • Identifying limitations for the customer
  • Improving the ability for the market to easily realise the full benefits of the innovation
  • Re-focus – we find the new rules we must get the market to adopt to be able to benefit from the offering

Market rules matching – defining what the market must do to adopt and realise the value of your innovation.


Assisting you to understand how you nudge the market to adopt the new approach, to realise the full value from your offering/solution.

We cover:

  • Penalties of coping
  • Market sweet spot
  • Making the impossible possible
  • New rules or new way of getting value
  • Second-order benefits and what opens the gate for second-order benefits
  • Minimum value guarantee
  • Advice on the required mechanisms that need to be built to cope with the new rules and handle the new volume of activity that comes from a truly exponential growth
  • Developing the plan to sell the new value and show the market how your innovation enables the new value

Disruptive Market forces review – we evaluate the issue in your market offering and the rules and innovations to prepare to compete with disruptors.

2-day Training Program, preceded by a FREE 1-hour knowledge-sharing introduction

  • Introduction: From Start Up to Lift Off
  • The Theory
  • Market Adoption
  • Principles behind market adoption
  • Catalytic Mechanisms
  • Market Adoption Risk Mapping
  • Market Adoption Canvas
  • Case Application
  • Target Market Identification
  • Diminishing a limitation
  • Coping with the limitation
  • Penalties of coping
  • Market Sweet Spot
  • Impossible to possible
  • New rules or new way
  • 2nd Order Benefits
  • Minimum value guarantee