Category is the strategy!

TMARA has formally transitioned from being the world’s leading Product-Market Fit (PMF) scientists, to the bleeding-edge Product-Category Fit (PCF) ‘home-run’ generator & investment enabler.


….because, whilst PMF remains priority #1 for all


PCF is the ultimate

 expression of entrepreneurial success.

 Further explained…

  • Reaching PMF in an existing market, still means competing with the market’s dominant king,


  •  Reaching PCF, enables the new venture to become the king in uncontested space.

Therefore 2 interrelated new

 early-stage venturing and investment categories 

have been created,

one that delivers PCF for start-ups


and one that links these home-runs to investment

The new category for Start-ups, called the Market Category Generator (MCG):

The MCG is the missing link in the start-up system, now sitting between the incubator and accelerator, generating demand in new market categories through a market-validating scientific PCF process, to produce what we call, Emerging New Market Category Kings.

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The MCG guarantee to start-ups:

  • An agreed min. Series-A valuation, on condition all PCF tests are passed.
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The new category for early-stage Investors, called Investment Options:

The second new market category that the MCG enables, is where investors can now take investment options on the home-runs produced by the MCG

This new investment option category, sits between traditional Seed and VC, and is expected to attract up to 15% of all global start-up funds within 10 years. 

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The MCG guarantee for investors:

Home-runs are produced for a pre-determined max. cost. is currently repositioning its PCF messaging, and in the meantime invite:

  • Truly innovative start-ups, a.k.a aspiring New Market Category Kings to apply to a local MCG,


  • Early-stage LEAD investors seeking to learn more about the MCG investment home-run options model.